I am the husband/dad in a family of 4. My friend Matt Schmitz and I have been filming events and projects for over 15 years. My oldest son pilots our drone.

We capture life's beauty for loving people who want to outsource the work of creative media production.

We care more about people than product. That is why the people in our product can really be themselves.

Our goal is to be the unobtrusive inspiration to relive moments through media.

Gramps – Don Lee – 1955

It is in my blood. My grandfather (I called him Gramps) was a professional photographer and artist. My story began before I was born. Then as I grew up, I got to be around his enormous cameras and equipment in the dark room. We even painted together.

Thank you, Gramps. Your gifts live on…

Ryan – Matt – 2004

We started out as friends hanging out on Sunday evenings with other creatives. What a privilege it is to work with this guy. So much talent and heart – I could go on and on…

Thank you, Matt. Your lens inspires me.

Drone Pilot – Kedrick – 2017

Top gun at 13 years old. I’m so proud of the care and effort my oldest son has poured into this. Shooting video from the air – he loves it.

Kedrick rounds out our team with probably the most charismatic personality of us all!

Capture is our art, but people are our passion.

Simply put, we value people.

When you love to work with cameras, it is easy to get caught up in getting the shot. Each member of our team lives in the precious reality that people are more important.

Ryan Lee

Yours truly.